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In Cambridge Academy’s more than 50-year history, the school has always striven to provide more than just a high-quality, college preparatory education. It has always been our desire to be a multi-faceted asset to the Lakelands community.  Cambridge does this in a myriad of ways:

  • Cambridge has always been an outstanding educational option for families seeking a traditional, independent educational option for their children.
  • Cambridge Academy’s Early Childhood Learning Program offers a curriculum-based pre-K learning experience for 60 - 70 families each year.
  • The Cambridge Family is made up of community leaders, small business owners, professionals, and others who have a deep, abiding love for our community.
  • A large percentage of our graduates attend college at schools in this community and pursue degrees, such as nursing and teaching, which continue to enhance the Lakelands region.
  • The Cambridge Academy Athletic Department holds summer camps that provide unique opportunities for youth throughout the area to learn and enhance their skills in a variety of different sports.
  • The Cambridge Fine Arts department makes valuable contributions to the community's cultural arts.