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   A school should be more than a pleasingly arranged collection of bricks, mortar and wood.  A school should not be a place for children to pass the time while parents are providing for their needs.    A school should not just be a location for adults with a passion for teaching children to gather … It is more than a classroom or a gym or an art studio or a playground.  A school should also be a large, raucous kitchen, where people gather to combine their passions, talents and knowledge for the purpose of creating  a feast that nourishes, invigorates, and inspires those who are present for the banquet and all those whose path’s they will one day cross.


Cambridge Academy aspires to be this type of academic institution for the Lakelands.  For each of our four divisions, Cambridge faculty have carefully crafted a curriculum which will prepare students for the next step of their educational journey, challenge each individual to reach their greatest potential, inspire your children to expand their vision for what is achievable, and reward each student for their hard work and dedication.


Cambridge’s curriculum was not created so that a check mark can be placed on a milestone, but instead, our educational philosophy is meant to invigorate each student’s mind, hone their skills, and benefit the entire community.