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Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions is led by Mr. Joe Benson.  Mr. Benson has been at Cambridge Academy since 2022.  After a distinguished career in the United States Army, Mr. Benson worked for the Laurens County District 56.  In addition to helping families learn more about Cambridge Academy, Mr. Benson teaches Middle School Robotics, assists with Student Records, and coaches Middle School Girl's Soccer.  Mr. Benson's daughter, Morgan, is a member of the Class of 2024, and she plays soccer and runs cross country.  Morgan is also very active in the drama department and the student government association.

Mr. Benson and other members of the Cambridge Faculty are always available to speak with interested parents and students about Cambridge Academy.

Application Process

Cambridge Academy is committed to creating an exceptional student body that is emblematic of the Lakelands Region's diverse socio-economic population, interests, and resources.  It is the school's goal to graduate students who will be high achievers in their chosen fields of interest and be a benefit to this community for years to come. In order to meet this goal, Cambridge Academy takes great care to recruit and admit families who exemplify the traits that distinguish the Lakelands. 

Cambridge Academy understands that choosing the proper school for your child is a deeply personal and, oftentimes, daunting process.  Parents are fortunate to have a great many educational options in and around Greenwood, and Cambridge desires to be a resource for each family in determining the best option for their child.  For that reason, our Admissions Office, Faculty, and Staff will do everything possible to provide you with all the information available as your family navigates their school decision. 

Cambridge Academy neither discriminates nor promotes admission on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or religion, or otherwise, as may be prohibited by federal and state law.

In order to be considered for Admission to Cambridge Academy, families must complete the following steps:

     - The submission of an Application for Admission to Cambridge Academy

     - Visit our campus, at which time a tour will be offered, and the family and prospective student will meet with a member of the Admissions Office or another faculty member.

     - The Prospective Student must undergo an academic assessment.

     - For students who have completed K5 at other institutions, their records will be reviewed.  This review will include academic achievement, standardized test scores, disciplinary records, and attendance records.  Cambridge Academy reserves the right to contact the student's current school or previous schools should more information be required.

Once a prospective student and their family have completed these steps, the Admissions Committee will review the candidate's application packet and make a determination on admissions.  All information submitted during the Application Process remains confidential and is not shared outside the Admissions Committee or with any other entity.

                       *** If your family is considering Cambridge for the current, 2023-24 academic year,                                        please contact the Admissions Office by phone or email. ***

Admission Timeline

Families with children currently enrolled at Cambridge Academy may submit admissions packets for siblings during our re-enrollment period that begins on February 1, 2024. Applications and packets will be accepted anytime for new families applying to Cambridge for the 2024-2025 academic year. However, the Admissions Committee will not begin evaluating any application before March 1, 2024. Admission decisions will be announced to families sometime after April 1. No priority will be given based on the order in which applications are received.

For families seeking admission to Cambridge during the current academic year, once the Admission Packet has been completed, the Admissions Committee will review the application and announce its decision as quickly as possible. The same criteria for deterring admission for pending academic year applications will be applied for in-year enrollments. Additionally, class size, the ability to create an academic schedule, and the reason for transfer will determine whether a prospective student is offered admission n. In some instances, if an academic schedule cannot be established for a prospective student, the family will be encouraged to re-apply for the pending academic year.

Cambridge Academy does not offer admission, except in extraordinary circumstances, to students who have been suspended or expelled from another academic institution during the academic year.