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Good arts education is not about the product, 

it is about the process of learning.
Jamie Kasper, Director of the Arts Education Partnership

Whether students are practicing lines for a school play or cutting up magazine scraps for a collage, children can use art to tap into their creative side and hone skills that might not be the focus of core academic courses - including communication skills, fine motor skills, and emotional intelligence.  Participation in a Fine Arts program helps students engage in school and reduce stress, enrich their academic experience, bolster academic achievement and improve focus.  Additionally, participation in collaborative art forms like drama and music helps children to sharpen their social-emotional skills.

Benefits of Arts Education


Art immensely improves and enriches the lives of young people.  It’s a core part of being a human being and human history and culture.
Camille Farrington, Managing Director at University of Chicago Consortium on School Research