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Dr. Brad Griggs - Head of School

Cambridge Academy is led by Dr. Brad Griggs.  Dr. Griggs has served as Assistant Head of School and Upper and Middle School Science instructor.  Additionally, Dr. Griggs has helped prepare our upperclasses for the SAT and ACT, served as the advisor for the National Honor Society, and brought many other positive changes to the school.  Before joining the Cambridge Academy faculty, Dr. Griggs was on faculty at Piedmont Technical College and served as the Dean of Arts & Sciences.  He holds a Ph.D. in Genetics and a B.S. in Biology from Clemson University.  He, his wife Rachel, and daughter Lauren, a senior, attend First Presbyterian, where he serves as an Elder.


Administrative Team

Assistant Head of School/Division Head - Lower School

     Melissa Funderburk

Division Head - Early Childhood Learning

      Kaitlyn Bourne

Division Head - Middle School

      Patti McGehee

Director of Student Affairs/ Division Head - Upper School

      Abbie Gregory

Business Manager

     Thelma Wilkie

Director of Enrollment Management and Student Records

      Joe Benson

School Counselor/ DSS Daycare Coordinator

      Leigh Croyle      

Student Government Association

School Officers

Julia Donaghy         President

Reagan Myers         Vice-President

Alaina Cresswell     Treasurer

Morgan Benson       Secretary

Faith Kennedy          Historian

Upper School Representatives          Middle School Representative

Jasmine Capaccio (11th grade)                  Anna Elizabeth Turner (6th grade)

Marisa Hansen (10th grade)                       

Zaylee Landmesser (11th grade)

Avari Mitchell (9th Grade)

Braxton Phillips (11th grade)


Board of Trustees

Jennifer Mapes - Chair

Bill Irwin - Vice-Chair

Adam Bacot - Treasurer

John Moore - Secretary

Jennifer Goldman

Pamela Hamilton

Amy Love Johnson

Mandy Price

Reid Walker

Mary Weaver

Samantha Valkenburg

Ex-Officio Members

     Dr. Brad Griggs - Head of School

     Ginny Edwards - CAPTA 

     Julia Donaghy - Student Body Representative

     Robert Rooney - Director of Athletics

Email may be sent to the Board at